Friday, February 25, 2011

it's here, it's here, it's here!!!!!!!

from whence my title, gold door knobs, came. the video is part of Salvo!, the edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros music video mini series that goes along with their debut album.

here is the newest installment, 40 Day Dream,

it won't let me find the here's the link!

enjoy lovers, and happy trails

this post looks boring with no pictures.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

oh what a night

last night was wondrous. i had friends, family, and wonderful music! i couldn't ask for more :) i'm hoping to get my first outfit post done this weekend, but here's a little preview...

taken by miss colquitt...

...who also wrote this little story about me to use as an example for the bebes she teaches. who would have thought i would make a good example for chil'ens?!

"It was a sweltering summer day in a tiny Texas town. Cows and horses on every farm were hiding from the sun under big oak trees. All of a sudden a red convertible came speeding down the dirt road. The driver had curly, messy brown hair and was wearing bright red lipstick. She was decked out in leopard clothing. It's no mistake, Carrie was back in town."

xoxo and happy trails

ps. just saw these on modcloth.
who's buyin'?
via modcloth

for real this time, xo and happy trails; gotta go feign attentiveness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

gotta have it.

you know, it's a hard life for a poor college student. i need to find a way to spin these shoes into a necessity rather than a luxury. if you have any big ideas PLEASE let me know. xoxo

via jeffrey campbell website

also, tomorrow is calliope musicals' big night! @emo's. 11pm. free cd. why not.
 i got some very shiny, very cute, and very ladylike threads for the occasion and some mighty high sparkly platforms. they (the shoes) really enjoy falling down when they've been drinking, so i'm in charge of taming the damn things for the night. so please, don't buy my shoes any drinks.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a little illeism for the lady.

so i'm in this band...and i hate to release little shameless, plug-buzzing mosquitoes in your ears, but i'm going to suppress my hatred and do it anyway.

{{{{if you would like to assume our greatness, skip all my b.s., and save yourself 10 minutes of reading, here is your chance to just buy the damn tickets and come see us. the rest of you crazies keep on reading.}}}}

my band is called calliope musicals, and we are the best band in the universe pretty-cute and funny. our music is cheery, fun, and upbeat, and since we can't get any other bloggers to unleash flowery blandishments about us, it looks like i'm going to have to do this shit myself.

here's a little story about how the musicals and i came to call ourselves a band. most of what follows is slightly true:

      Calliope Musicals began as the musical love child of singers Carrie Fussell and Philadelphian Matt Roth (affectionately known by native-Texan Carrie as “Yankee”). In search of organic peace in a world of electronic wahs and be-bops, the two recorded “Red Balloon” in Matt’s studio apartment in 2008. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their passion for the music gave them an instant friendship. After attending a life changing performance by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros together at 2009’s SXSW and dancing holes into the soles of their shoes, they knew that there was no choice but to pursue a musical career together...
      In search of “general merrymakers,” the two happened upon Craig “The Funk” Finkelstein: vibraphone player extraordinaire. Never having heard of a vibraphone, the two immediately decided the instrument (as well as the Funk himself), should become an indispensable part of the band. Although Craig was sure he had found his niche as the top seller at a local kissing booth, he decided to give the Musicals a shot, and after rocking the wigs off of Carrie and Matt with his dingy-blinging vibra-riffs, it was love at first sight. And so they happily bumbled along as a three-piece band of misfits...
     Meanwhile, everyone knows the “spine is the bass line,” and with no spine to hold them up, the band was simply a floppy, spineless, noodle band. Deciding that this was unacceptable, the Musicals challenged another local band to a duel. The prize? The wickedest bass player in all the land: Ben Aiken. Needless to say, because the duel was judged on good looks, dance moves, and all-around excellence, the Musicals won Ben Aiken and his magnificent bass playing abilities, despite his adamant claim that “he was not a prize to be won.”     Finally the Fantastic Four became five (which makes the comic book reference irrelevant) when they discovered Mike Fargnolli, who had formerly been the most talented pasta maker in Spaghettio Land. People of the land came from miles around not only to eat his tasty noodles, but to listen to the rhythmic stylings of Flam-Bam Fargnolli. Apparently after cooking, Flam-Bam himself would repurpose his pasta pots into a drum set and play along with an old Rush tape, blowing listeners’ minds (and ear drums, alike) with his dynamite drumming. The Musicals, being the avid pasta eaters (and Rush fans) that they are, kidnapped Flam-Bam from his noodle-y nook and recruited him as the drum-master. Interestingly enough, this made the band once again--in a whole new way--a noodle band!
      So now, though the Calliope Musicals are still a band of misfits, they’re happiest misfits you’ve yet to see. The music makes them happy, makes them alive, and makes them free. And it’s rumored that when you listen to their music, you can instantly become a part of their happy, free, and alive world. The new and current line-up of the Musicals gives their once pure folk sound a faint tinge of rock and roll, and indie vibes mixed with a little bit of almost every genre out there creates a sound totally unique to this band. Their live performances have an energy that puts them in a league above most other folk-rooted troops, and the songs generate a happy sensation not found in most other indie/rock bands. After seeing them at one of their debut performances in Austin, Texas at Threadgill’s, Western Homes said they “sound like big ol’ state fair, country rock entertainers,” and entertain you they will. They emulate an energy that cannot be replicated even in the best recordings, and they have a sound that leaves listeners with no choice but to fall in love.

 (i'm about to start talking in 3rd person; just ignore the awkwardness and go with it.)

you cannot leave a calliope musicals show without smiling, and you won't know if i'm lying unless you go to their EP release and find out for yourself. they have a great mix of quality songwriting, soulful and unique instrumentation, rocking and relaxed beats alike, powerful vocals, and at least a couple never-fail pairs of dancing shoes. the collaborative songwriting style results in a set list that keeps listeners guessing as to what they'll hear next and loving every second of it.

if this hasn't convinced you to come see them, maybe the fact that the male vocalist/guitar player usually sports a pair of suspenders will.

on february 23 at emo's, the band is releasing their first EP, and you're gonna love it. with a slew of other amazing local bands--guns of navarone, the organics and soup--the musicals are prepared to serve you up an ice cold glass of creepy kool-aid and induct you into their cult lovely group of followers.

is the world getting you down? are you trying to find beautiful meaning in a cynic's world? are you sick of music that makes you hate your dad? are you tired of never dancing? do you like to be happy?

then this is the band for you. be there or be square.

this is where i realize that talk is cheap and seeing is believing. so now, i'm doing to shut my trap and let their insane good looks do the talking.

and this is where i give you a little ear candy, since they are, afterall, a band and not supermodels (despite their obvious hottness). if you want more--you know you do--you can find them at their tumblr where you'll find links to every place on the internet that they exist. (including reverbnation for more listening!)

(end third person)

for those of you who made it this far without barfing, i commend your endurance. your reward? the opportunity to buy tickets, come to our show, get a FREE COPY of our EP, and dance your feet off.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

if i could forever exist in this rodarte, i would

this dress is perfect. so feminine, and reminds me of the dresses my sisters had when they were little.
beautiful. soft. fit perfectly for laura ingalls a good way.
so many of these dresses came in sooo beautifully at the waist. what? fashion flattering again??!!
love these pants. perfect color, and beautiful detailing on the front. love the contrast with feminine top.
as much as i loved everything, i can't get on board with the long coats. they're a little too reminiscent of the matrix for my taste
love the mixed lace. and obviously i would trade my first born son, (apparently named ezra) for those boots.
here is my respected opinion. everything was beautiful, save the matrix coats, and totally dreamy. (do you like how i'm talking about this as though i was sitting next to anna wintour herself at NYFW? well i wasn't.) *all rodarte photos courtesy of

but i WAS partying with my wonderful boyfriend, who gave me the most perfectly obscene bouquet of lilies for valentines day :)

huddling around the space heater on our town lake barge
josh getting sneaky with iphone pictures
i'm clearly envious of the face paint. 2nd year in a row i missed it! :(

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

silly brain.

happy 30th birthday to one of my dearest friends! xoxo sister pearl.

so i wrote this poem (by carrie fussell)--slightly funny and also slightly rated R for comedic effect (sorry family)--to win these ah-maze jeffrey campbell booties (pixie fab:). well, tonight i just had one of those wild hare ideas that if i won these shoes, i would just quit my job.

this is where my brain noticed something was wrong.

i mean, winning some booties is great, but you can't quit your job because you got lucky with a shoe. (not that this is at all luck, mind you; my poetry skills are quite persuasive.) but do you ever have ludicrous fleeting thoughts like this? after thinking it, i instantaneously [almost] died with the laughter of a maniac for a minute or two.  i just love the way the brain's instincts work:

jeffrey campbell pixie fab via solestruck...
instead of these--shown above--red flats. (glass of wine not necessary for equation, but definitely an added bonus.)



Monday, February 14, 2011

"nothing that's quite your own. yet this is you."

portrait d'une femme
 by ezra pound*

your mind and you are our sargasso sea,
london has swept about you this score years
and bright ships left you this or that in fee:
ideas, old gossip, oddments of all things,
strange spars of knowledge and dimmed wares of price.
great minds have sought you- lacking someone else.
you have been second always. tragical?
no. you preferred it to the usual thing:
one dull man, dulling and uxorious,
one average mind- with one thought less, each year.
oh, you are patient, i have seen you sit
hours, where something might have floated up.
and now you pay one. yes, you richly pay.
you are a person of some interest, one comes to you
and takes strange gain away:
trophies fished up; some curious suggestion;
fact that leads nowhere; and a tale for two,
pregnant with mandrakes, or with something else
that might prove useful and yet never proves,
that never fits a corner or shows use,
or finds its hour upon the loom of days:
the tarnished, gaudy, wonderful old work;
idols and ambergris and rare inlays,
these are your riches, your great store; and yet
for all this sea-hoard of deciduous things,
strange woods half sodden, and new brighter stuff:
in the slow float of differing light and deep,
no! there is nothing! in the whole and all,
nothing that's quite your own.
      yet this is you.

ezra pound published this poem in the early 20th century, so i'm sure he wasn't inspired by classic rock muses of the 1960's and 1970's. but when i read this poem, all i could picture was the cake-y mascara, cheap, wild-haired, seemingly accidental (yet undoubtedly intentional) glam of the women behind the greatest rock and roll artists of all time. they were so perfectly sexy, yet playfully laid back and nonchalant. they embraced themselves and their surroundings and defined rock and roll almost as much as their front-man counterparts.whether they were with the stones, jimi hendrix, or david bowie, these girls totally embodied pound's portrait d'une femme.

anita pallenberg and marianne faithfull
anita pallenberg with brian jones

lori maddox
the gto's
morgana welch
these are just a few photos i've found and saved while creeping around on the wide web, so i haven't given credit because i didn't keep track of them (bad me!). so if there is a problem let me know who to credit/i can take them down. these are just a few classic rock muses who had/still have amazing style; everything was casual but still over-the-top: feather boas, hats, tye-dye, platforms, and ruffles mixed  with their more casual elements to create their effortless, fun, GLAM (which is a word worth using the caps lock.) looks. they were the femmes that i was instantly reminded of when reading ezra pound's poem, and i immediately felt lead to chase after their glitzy irreverent style choices.

happy monday!

*i've also decided that ezra is going to be the name of my son (God forbid i have one).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

unattainable, but beautiful nonetheless.


all images via opening ceremony

i wish i had an artistic reason for the layout of these pictures, but all i have for you is the fact that i can't work a computer. technological retardation aside, i loved the accessories for the rodarte by opening ceremony collection. but to be frank, i was underwhelmed by the collection as a whole.  the shapes were awkward, and i'm sure they weren't ill fitting, but they definitely had the too-small-denim-jacket appearance.* i mean, i'm only a critic because i critique, and i have approximately zero credentials to base this on, but i'm just being honest. the skirt (above) is absolutely perfect--i love the pleats and the fabric, so lady-like. (*note: i do not support the pom pom shoes in the skirt picture. they just look a little payless to me. that's not to say i won't buy shoes at payless, but this is a quintessential fancy payless shoe. pass.) the two purses are perfect; i absolutely love the purses. and i am a sucker for floral sunglasses.

*i really hate it when denim jackets are too small. i think it makes people look like dummies.

i have to go feign attentiveness in class,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

on a steel horse i'll ride.

mark my words. i will put every ounce of my soul into this. jeffrey campbell is gonna kees me on the leeps.

also.... can't wait.

via opening ceremony

jeffrey campbell, you slay me.

love these--especially the black pair. i give you: the jeffrey campbell "so much"

i would say that this shoe is appropriately named "so much," but based on my palpitating heart and convulsing feet muscles, perhaps papa campbell should switch the name to "too much." i know that i quickly develop shoe crushes, lets look at a few:

sparkly lita; my first shoe crush since high school.
the dolce & gabbana face wedges. don't worry, i got a knock off.
balenciaga by nicolas ghesquière--shut it, a girl can dream. look at those heels. that shit is art.

even though i love the balenciagas...what do i love even more? i love the way jeffrey campbell designs awesome, amazing, perfect shoes at a price that isn't going to make my father disown me. the "so much" shoe is floating around the interwebs for a mere $115. i almost feel as though i am stealing from the poor man! but buy me a ski mask and call me bonnie parker, 'cause i LOVE 'em.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"i am shielded in my armor...i touch no one and no one touches me."

triangle bead necklace

two tone button ring
tribal spike cuff in bone resin

rogan vs. love "let's make mistakes" necklace
triangle earrings

so i was so beautifully surprised by pamela love's new collection. not that i was anticipating less, but this stuff is AMAZING. the real kicker? check out the SIZE of this stuff (photo below)! that is what makes it really striking. yes. i think striking is the perfect word. it is apparently inspired mainly by Indian and African symbols of protection and armor and uses dramatic shapes, lines, and textures to create jewelry that is unique, beautiful and animalistic all at once. pamela love, you're one of a kind.

all images via opening ceremony
i mean, near nothing can beat the classic talon ring, but those bracelets are incredible. and look at those earrings. le swoon. i wish they were all mine. the soft color of the bone resin softens the shape of the tribal cuff so beautifully and loans the perfect feminine quality to such a vicious bracelet. i absolutely love it! meanwhile, the "let's make mistakes" locket needs to be wrapped up with a pink bow for every girl in the world for valentine's day. end of story.
"Sizes and shapes widely very in my new collection, from thick necklaces to massive cuffs. I was very interested in pushing the boundaries of size and proportion this season. I also thought a lot about jewelry as protection, much like the traditional pieces worn in Africa and India. Traditionally in these cultures, women wear strong bold pieces that indicate safety, almost like beautiful armor, and I was very inspired by this. " -pamela love
you should definitely checkout the rest of her interview with opening ceremony here and download the pamela love spring 2011 lookbook!

happy lusting, ladies!