Tuesday, February 22, 2011

gotta have it.

you know, it's a hard life for a poor college student. i need to find a way to spin these shoes into a necessity rather than a luxury. if you have any big ideas PLEASE let me know. xoxo

via jeffrey campbell website

also, tomorrow is calliope musicals' big night! @emo's. 11pm. free cd. why not.
 i got some very shiny, very cute, and very ladylike threads for the occasion and some mighty high sparkly platforms. they (the shoes) really enjoy falling down when they've been drinking, so i'm in charge of taming the damn things for the night. so please, don't buy my shoes any drinks.


  1. actually solestruck is having a contest to win a 1000 dollar Jeffery campbell shopping spree. You should check it out!