Monday, February 7, 2011

"i am shielded in my armor...i touch no one and no one touches me."

triangle bead necklace

two tone button ring
tribal spike cuff in bone resin

rogan vs. love "let's make mistakes" necklace
triangle earrings

so i was so beautifully surprised by pamela love's new collection. not that i was anticipating less, but this stuff is AMAZING. the real kicker? check out the SIZE of this stuff (photo below)! that is what makes it really striking. yes. i think striking is the perfect word. it is apparently inspired mainly by Indian and African symbols of protection and armor and uses dramatic shapes, lines, and textures to create jewelry that is unique, beautiful and animalistic all at once. pamela love, you're one of a kind.

all images via opening ceremony
i mean, near nothing can beat the classic talon ring, but those bracelets are incredible. and look at those earrings. le swoon. i wish they were all mine. the soft color of the bone resin softens the shape of the tribal cuff so beautifully and loans the perfect feminine quality to such a vicious bracelet. i absolutely love it! meanwhile, the "let's make mistakes" locket needs to be wrapped up with a pink bow for every girl in the world for valentine's day. end of story.
"Sizes and shapes widely very in my new collection, from thick necklaces to massive cuffs. I was very interested in pushing the boundaries of size and proportion this season. I also thought a lot about jewelry as protection, much like the traditional pieces worn in Africa and India. Traditionally in these cultures, women wear strong bold pieces that indicate safety, almost like beautiful armor, and I was very inspired by this. " -pamela love
you should definitely checkout the rest of her interview with opening ceremony here and download the pamela love spring 2011 lookbook!

happy lusting, ladies!

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