Wednesday, February 16, 2011

if i could forever exist in this rodarte, i would

this dress is perfect. so feminine, and reminds me of the dresses my sisters had when they were little.
beautiful. soft. fit perfectly for laura ingalls a good way.
so many of these dresses came in sooo beautifully at the waist. what? fashion flattering again??!!
love these pants. perfect color, and beautiful detailing on the front. love the contrast with feminine top.
as much as i loved everything, i can't get on board with the long coats. they're a little too reminiscent of the matrix for my taste
love the mixed lace. and obviously i would trade my first born son, (apparently named ezra) for those boots.
here is my respected opinion. everything was beautiful, save the matrix coats, and totally dreamy. (do you like how i'm talking about this as though i was sitting next to anna wintour herself at NYFW? well i wasn't.) *all rodarte photos courtesy of

but i WAS partying with my wonderful boyfriend, who gave me the most perfectly obscene bouquet of lilies for valentines day :)

huddling around the space heater on our town lake barge
josh getting sneaky with iphone pictures
i'm clearly envious of the face paint. 2nd year in a row i missed it! :(

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