Tuesday, February 8, 2011

jeffrey campbell, you slay me.

love these--especially the black pair. i give you: the jeffrey campbell "so much"

i would say that this shoe is appropriately named "so much," but based on my palpitating heart and convulsing feet muscles, perhaps papa campbell should switch the name to "too much." i know that i quickly develop shoe crushes, lets look at a few:

sparkly lita; my first shoe crush since high school.
the dolce & gabbana face wedges. don't worry, i got a knock off.
balenciaga by nicolas ghesquière--shut it, a girl can dream. look at those heels. that shit is art.

even though i love the balenciagas...what do i love even more? i love the way jeffrey campbell designs awesome, amazing, perfect shoes at a price that isn't going to make my father disown me. the "so much" shoe is floating around the interwebs for a mere $115. i almost feel as though i am stealing from the poor man! but buy me a ski mask and call me bonnie parker, 'cause i LOVE 'em.


  1. Carrie, I LIKE YOU.

    Both your shoe taste, and your humor! Is your last name, perchance, Bradshaw...?

    Following back. :) Thanks for stopping by Austin Eavesdropper!


  2. you're so fabulous. I aspire to be as outstanding as you!! I showed Michael a page of shoes in the new Nylon and asked which ones were his favorites. He picked the Leboutins, naturally. I told him I wasn't the only one with expensive taste...


  3. Where did you get those Face wedges? I have been looking everywhere!!

  4. @evangelyn, i got them on eBay. they're a knock off version, and they kind of smell strange. but they LOOK awesome. i thought about feeling bad for supporting knock offs, but then i remembered: i am a poor college student and dolce & gabbana are not :) haha

  5. Hey! With the knockoffs, did you find them on ebay sourced from a seller in China? One of my friends brought something from a seller in China and never received her product, and their rating was like 99.7% (kind of new to ebay, haha). Thanks.