Monday, February 14, 2011

"nothing that's quite your own. yet this is you."

portrait d'une femme
 by ezra pound*

your mind and you are our sargasso sea,
london has swept about you this score years
and bright ships left you this or that in fee:
ideas, old gossip, oddments of all things,
strange spars of knowledge and dimmed wares of price.
great minds have sought you- lacking someone else.
you have been second always. tragical?
no. you preferred it to the usual thing:
one dull man, dulling and uxorious,
one average mind- with one thought less, each year.
oh, you are patient, i have seen you sit
hours, where something might have floated up.
and now you pay one. yes, you richly pay.
you are a person of some interest, one comes to you
and takes strange gain away:
trophies fished up; some curious suggestion;
fact that leads nowhere; and a tale for two,
pregnant with mandrakes, or with something else
that might prove useful and yet never proves,
that never fits a corner or shows use,
or finds its hour upon the loom of days:
the tarnished, gaudy, wonderful old work;
idols and ambergris and rare inlays,
these are your riches, your great store; and yet
for all this sea-hoard of deciduous things,
strange woods half sodden, and new brighter stuff:
in the slow float of differing light and deep,
no! there is nothing! in the whole and all,
nothing that's quite your own.
      yet this is you.

ezra pound published this poem in the early 20th century, so i'm sure he wasn't inspired by classic rock muses of the 1960's and 1970's. but when i read this poem, all i could picture was the cake-y mascara, cheap, wild-haired, seemingly accidental (yet undoubtedly intentional) glam of the women behind the greatest rock and roll artists of all time. they were so perfectly sexy, yet playfully laid back and nonchalant. they embraced themselves and their surroundings and defined rock and roll almost as much as their front-man counterparts.whether they were with the stones, jimi hendrix, or david bowie, these girls totally embodied pound's portrait d'une femme.

anita pallenberg and marianne faithfull
anita pallenberg with brian jones

lori maddox
the gto's
morgana welch
these are just a few photos i've found and saved while creeping around on the wide web, so i haven't given credit because i didn't keep track of them (bad me!). so if there is a problem let me know who to credit/i can take them down. these are just a few classic rock muses who had/still have amazing style; everything was casual but still over-the-top: feather boas, hats, tye-dye, platforms, and ruffles mixed  with their more casual elements to create their effortless, fun, GLAM (which is a word worth using the caps lock.) looks. they were the femmes that i was instantly reminded of when reading ezra pound's poem, and i immediately felt lead to chase after their glitzy irreverent style choices.

happy monday!

*i've also decided that ezra is going to be the name of my son (God forbid i have one).

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