Tuesday, February 15, 2011

silly brain.

happy 30th birthday to one of my dearest friends! xoxo sister pearl.

so i wrote this poem (by carrie fussell)--slightly funny and also slightly rated R for comedic effect (sorry family)--to win these ah-maze jeffrey campbell booties (pixie fab:). well, tonight i just had one of those wild hare ideas that if i won these shoes, i would just quit my job.

this is where my brain noticed something was wrong.

i mean, winning some booties is great, but you can't quit your job because you got lucky with a shoe. (not that this is at all luck, mind you; my poetry skills are quite persuasive.) but do you ever have ludicrous fleeting thoughts like this? after thinking it, i instantaneously [almost] died with the laughter of a maniac for a minute or two.  i just love the way the brain's instincts work:

jeffrey campbell pixie fab via solestruck...
instead of these--shown above--red flats. (glass of wine not necessary for equation, but definitely an added bonus.)



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