Wednesday, February 9, 2011

unattainable, but beautiful nonetheless.


all images via opening ceremony

i wish i had an artistic reason for the layout of these pictures, but all i have for you is the fact that i can't work a computer. technological retardation aside, i loved the accessories for the rodarte by opening ceremony collection. but to be frank, i was underwhelmed by the collection as a whole.  the shapes were awkward, and i'm sure they weren't ill fitting, but they definitely had the too-small-denim-jacket appearance.* i mean, i'm only a critic because i critique, and i have approximately zero credentials to base this on, but i'm just being honest. the skirt (above) is absolutely perfect--i love the pleats and the fabric, so lady-like. (*note: i do not support the pom pom shoes in the skirt picture. they just look a little payless to me. that's not to say i won't buy shoes at payless, but this is a quintessential fancy payless shoe. pass.) the two purses are perfect; i absolutely love the purses. and i am a sucker for floral sunglasses.

*i really hate it when denim jackets are too small. i think it makes people look like dummies.

i have to go feign attentiveness in class,



  1. The Payless shoe comment just made my day. Can be be gypsies together? I can be a groupie.

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