Wednesday, March 2, 2011

new shoes!

so i realize that i've been making some pie crust promises as of late (ie. "i'm gonna do a full outfit post this weekend!") but i realllly am going to do a full outfit post and THEN a post on my love of nineties fashion. but i just grabbed these beautifully 90's Lee jeans (from the men's section:) and kick ass chunky black sandals for a grand total of $12! my mother trained me well in the art of junk shopping. (see, bixie? don't say you never taught me anything!) i think these shoes might become part of my everyday life.

new purchases!


  1. My porch looks like a hovel. You, on the other hand, look just out of a time machine. :)

  2. love those black sandals. I'm really liking the chunky shoe look at the moment.


  3. i love the colour tone of this jeans, and those sandals seems to be great for upcoming summer;) xx pola cherie