Tuesday, April 26, 2011

feed the man...man

image via wallyworld.com
i'm sorry, but don't you dare for one second say that these aren't kinda awesome. espesh considering the source. no, you're right, they aren't perfect, but they are pretty damn neat if you ask me. and you did, didn't you?
i found these while scouring walmart online to try to find at least one more pair of nearly the most perfect shoe i've ever purchased, and certainly the most often worn. if you've hung out with me more than once, i would imagine that you have seen these shoes. josh likes to tell people i shower in them.

the faded glory troy shoe:
image via wallyworld.com
sorry revolutionaries and protesters all 'round the world throwing tomatoes at walmart. i bought two pairs of these babies (i prefer the carmel colored ones) for a combined price of < $20, and after a year of concerts, festivals, walking to class, and stumbling around down town (including the shoe-demolition-derby aka SXSW), these shoes have become my inanimate besties--and i'm just now breaking in my second pair!

long live walmart (or at least my wonderful walmart shoes.)

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  1. Thanks so much for following! I'm following you now! Those first pair of shoes are awesome by the way. ;)

    XO, Liza
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